Why Natural Rubber is better for your child and better for the planet.

Why Natural Rubber is better for your child and better for the planet.

Modern mums are widely adopting an attitude that Natural is Best.

This is more than just making sure your child’s food has as little processing as possible or high levels of processed sugars and cutting out nasty chemical additives in their drinks – this is also about picking products that don’t use toxic chemical processes that we don’t fully know the long-term impacts of.

One of the leading products that are being overhauled in the parent community is the humble pacifier. The common materials for a pacifier are latex, silicone or even hard plastics. Allergies to these materials are surprisingly common, but importantly, they’re not always the right material for the job. A particularly common material in infant’s plastics is Phthalates. These are used to soften plastics for ease of use but they have been connected to some pretty scary side effects. No thanks! 

Pacifiers are made for multiple reasons, firstly, of course, is for soothing a baby. Designed to emulate the mother’s nipple, it triggers the ‘sucking’ action in the baby, calming them down when experiencing stress. A secondary, but equally important consideration is the effect it has on a child’s dental development. While it is helpful for calming down those chompers, its shape, rigidity, and frequency of use also have a strong impact on the development of the oral bones in the child’s noggin as they grow up.

By the very nature of a pacifier, this product needs to be highly hygienic, free from choking hazards, and free from any chance of passing on nasty chemicals into the child’s system.
Increasingly, the top choice for parents these days is the Natural Rubber Pacifier.

What is Natural Rubber?

Natural rubber is sourced from a type of tree found in Asia. It is sourced similarly to raw maple, by cutting into a shallow layer of the bark and letting the light coloured, runny sap in buckets. It is then run through some minor processing, including mastication to bring out its springy, strong and protective properties that make it very popular for medical-grade purposes, including child’s pacifiers! The harvesting of natural rubber is also a managed industry that doesn’t require the death of the tree to reap its rewards. In fact, the ‘wounds’ on the bark of a rubber tree heals within about 3 years. Obviously, commercial supply levels needed for rubber in the modern world are beyond what is currently sustainable in the procurement stages, however, in terms of less harmful end product, Natural Rubber is a clear winner.

To compare, synthetic rubber is made through a process including petroleum and other finite resources. The process of combining these elements is also harmful, with plenty of extra, hazardous emissions and runoff coming from the majority of manufacturers. It’s also a case of the collection of non-renewables being exceptionally harmful, as already understood by a huge section of modern society.

Why does Natural Rubber look different sometimes?

The iconic warm brown colour that you see in infant products made of Natural Rubber varies a lot from product to product, and even as they age. In its original form, the rubber sap is a milky white. Through the mastication processes, its exposure to water and air causes it to oxidize and run through a range of warm yellows to dark semi-transparent browns. Cool, huh!

Why do we choose Natural Rubber in our range?

 With a lot of research and comparative studying, Rose and Merill of Kiin Baby have come to the conclusion that Natural Rubber pacifiers and bottle teets are the only sustainable and truly clean option for our little ones. Carefully choosing our brands, Quoddle, Bibs, and Natural Rubber Soothers, Kiin Baby stand behind these exceptional products that are; 

  • BPA Free

  • Contain zero chemical softeners or hardeners

  • No parabens

  • No PVC

  • No Phthalates

  • Made with 100% sustainable, natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis

  • Biodegradable

  • Easily sterilised

  • Meet Australian & European Safety Standards

(please check against individual product specs for exact details).

  Pictured the Quoddle Natural Rubber Glass Bottles and the Bibs Natural Rubber Dummy in Peach

Kiin Baby is proud to source and supply the most sustainable and natural products for parents and caregivers. Have a look at our full range here.

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