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Bolga Moses Basket

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The Bolga Moses Basket is hand made in the town of Bolga, Ghana. The baskets are intricately woven from 100% sundried elephant grass, which is dyed with natural, non-toxic plant and mineral dyes. The handles are covered & reinforced with cured leather providing strength and durability..  The baskets are completely sustainable and eco-friendly.

Bassinets and moses baskets are popular because they're smaller than a cot and can be placed beside your bed during baby's early months. The lightweight portability of the moses basket makes it easy to keep baby close to you wherever you are in your house, and if you need to travel while baby is young they are easy to transport with you to your accommodation unlike a bulky and heavy portable cot.

The Moses Baskets continue to be useful long after baby outgrows them, use them as a special family keepsake to be handed down from sibling to sibling or passed on to friends or family - they can even be used for toy storage or a pet’s bed!


  • Portable - So easy to move around your house, or take away from home.

  • Cosy & Lightweight

  • Includes foam mattress with removable/washable cotton covering

  • Suitable for babies from birth until they can sit up unassisted, roll over, or push themselves up on their hands & knees.

  • This basket is handmade from natural materials and may have slight variations in colour and structure.

  • Basket Size: 80L x 40W x 30H cm (Mattress size is 74L x 40W x 4H cm)


    PLEASE NOTE: The Bolga Moses baskets are larger in size at the base than our Natural & Wicker Moses baskets, so our Wooden Stands & Moses Fitted Sheets will NOT be compatible with these baskets. Our 'Bassinet' Size sheets will fit (the corners can be tucked under the mattress)


Bolga Baskets can be cleaned using water (Use of soaps or cleaning products can affect the natural dyes used on the product) Baskets can get out of shape during their travels and this can be easily fixed! Re-shaping the baskets is as easy as moistening the basket with water and reshaping using your hands while the basket is damp, leave it to dry in natural sunlight.