Baby Quoddle

Quoddle Bottle Twin Pack - 300ml Medium Flow

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- Twin Pack 300ml Medium Flow Teat


- Twin Pack 150ml Slow Flow Teat

- Twin Pack 300ml Slow Flow Teat

- Combo Pack: 1x 150ml Bottle with Slow Flow Teat + 1x 300ml Bottle with Medium Flow Teat


  • Quoddle Bottle baby nursing bottle twin pack (2x glass bottles in a twin pack)
  • The twin pack comes in a cardboard gift box.
  • Perfectly shaped for composite or bottle feeding.
  • Easy-to-attach teat, and bottle cap to seal the bottle when not in use.
  • Teats and covers are interchangable between the mini 150ml + 300ml size bottles.
  • Glass is dishwasher-safe, and thermal shock resitant, meaning it can withstand heating, cooling and is microwave safe.
  • Bottles are made from hand blown borosilicate glass.
  • Teats are made from pure hevea rubber.
  • Completely plastic free. Free from hardening agents and any harmful chemical compounds. Free of BPA, polycarbonates, phthalates and PVC
  • Designed in Australia, made in Malaysia

- Adult Supervision is required. Please always ensure that an adult is nursing the child whilst using this bottle as it is glass and could break.

- These bottles have a negative pressure release valve in the teat. Whilst feeding baby, ensure this valve is clear of babies mouth. Position clear and to the side.

- It is most import that the rubber teats and cap be cared for as per instructions. The rubber is all natural and cannot be exposed to heat. The teats should be washed in soapy water and then can be placed in Milton solution for the required time and removed from solution and stored in a container somewhere cool. They should never be left in solution for long period or rubber will be damaged.