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Maisie Jane's Nursery

At the end of last year, we found out we were pregnant with our second baby. We already have our little firecracker of a daughter, Hazel (who was 3 at the time). I started 'nesting' like a crazy lady around the middle of my pregnancy. I had a really tough time for the first half with NVP (nausea & vomiting in pregnancy). So coming out of that horribly debilitating phase, I felt so keen to get busy and be creative, whilst I was able! The nursery would be set up in our 'spare room' AKA the room FULL of JUNK which we conveniently close the door to and ignore, to deal with at some later illusive date. I won't show a 'before' image, as it was truly a mess.

This room was actually once the 'office' which I started Kiin from. Which I think is kind of special as I spent many late nights working in there (after putting Hazel to bed) in the early months of Kiin, you can see some photos of it featured in my very first blog post. It's not a huge room, only around 3x3m, but I think this makes it nice & cosy.

I had envisioned that we would set up a space at Kiin HQ for photography, with nursery furniture and all, however we quickly ran out of room for such a space (not a bad problem to have!) So I decided that the baby's nursery will also have to be a space that I can use to take product & content photos for the business. You can see how I can use the space in this way in these following images!

As soon as I started thinking about my nursery, I knew that I’d want a natural, warm & earthy colour palette (which has to include some of my favourite colour, Mustard!) in a modern boho style, with a hint of a desert theme. We found out we were having another baby girl, so I wanted to incorporate a hint of dusty rose colour through the room also. I love the softness of rainbow/arch shapes, so you'll see I've incorporated hints of this shape throughout. I also knew I needed to include special pieces from one of my favourite brands, Boho Baby Heaven; a very small family business, run by a mother-daughter duo based in Hungary. Mariann & Inez specialize in bohemian style home/nursery decor & toys, all made completely by hand. I shared my ideas about the theme of the nursery them, and I knew they would create the perfect pieces to suit. They exceeded my expectations. These pieces are all so special to me, they evoke such joy & have tied together my nursery space so perfectly. Inez did a guest blog post previously featuring the creative & design process of these pieces. 

I've tried to keep a repetition of elements throughout this room; using light wood & natural elements such as rattan & cane, with the warm earthy colours, and pops of mustard & dusty rose. Before Maisie arrived, I would spent quiet moments in here sitting in the papasan chair whilst sipping on a tea. The golden afternoon sun diffusing softly through the curtains; to me, the room feels warm, happy & completely calm. It's my little nursery oasis! Our two cats seem to agree as I catch them both sleeping happily in here every day.


It is SO nice to be able to use our own Kiin products, along with the beautiful brands that we carry in our online store, for my new baby Maisie. There is no better way to truly test a product than with personal daily use! Some of the baby essentials that we've been using daily for these first 2 months have been our Hooded Bath Towels, Washcloths, the Al.ive Baby skincare range, BIBS Dummies attached to our Cotton Dummy Clip, Rainbow Knitted blanket (we had a Winter baby so we've used this constantly!) our Organic Swaddles & Sheets, and our Natural Twine Moses Basket in the Wooden Rocking Stand! I look forward to using our other products as she grows older and begins teething & eating solids! I've been using our Baby Milestone Wooden Discs to capture all of Maisie's milestones; I've even started a blogpost to document these!

For me personally, I have also been using the Bamboo Reusable Breast Pads 24/7! I am so happy to have these, as 4 years ago when I had Hazel, I used the disposable ones, and they constantly felt damp and of course were not environmentally friendly. Another product that I can honestly say I've used almost every single day is the Organic Baby Dink Carrier. The carrier allows Maisie to sleep snuggled closely (and so comfortably!) with me for hours at a time while I simultaneously get work done, do chores around the house, and spend quality time with my 4 year old daughter, Hazel. I didn't use a carrier much at all with my first baby, and now I can't see how I survived without one, It's been such a life saver. I was using the carrier when I took most of these images!

I chose this plant because, and I quote, "Zanzibar plants thrive on neglect". I am not the best plant mumma, and so I usually stay in the safe lane with succulents & cacti!

My beautiful friend Merrin put this arrangement together especially for Maisie's nursery! Merrin is a florist who owns her own online homeware boutique; Honeysett House.



These drawer organisers are a game-changer! Marie Kondo calls this type of organiser "tidying saviors." and with good reason! These drawers are quite compact since this room doesn't have enough space for a large chest of drawers, so the organisers really help to fit items in efficiently.

When I came across this lamp, I bought it so quickly that I didn't stop to consider that because it comes from the US, so the wall socket is not compatible with our Australian wall outlets, I panicked once it arrived, but I soon realised I can simply use a converter to use it safely, YAY! The lamp shade that it came with was unfortunately too large for this space, so I purchased a smaller lamp shade which suits much better.

Safety: Please note these images are for styling & decorative purposes only. Following SIDS Safe Sleeping Guidelines; I will remove the canopy & decor from the cot when Maisie sleeps in there, eventually. Right now she sleeps in our bedroom in a bassinet by our bed. We also use the Owlet foot monitor at night.

We recommend that you always follow the SIDS Safe Sleeping Guidelines for the latest evidence-based advice on safe sleeping environments for babies.

The original cushion that came with this chair was quite thin and I could feel the can beneath it, so I purchased a premium cushion, which I've linked at the bottom of this post. The mustard throw adds a pop of my favourite colour, but also keeps the chair cusion protected from my two cheeky ragdoll cats!

Safety: Please note that any images we share are for styling & decorative purposes only. Always follow the SIDS Safe Sleeping Guidelines for the latest evidence-based advice on safe sleeping environments for babies.

Nursery Items

Cot: Adairs, Arden Cot
Kiin Baby, Kids Canopy Caramel
Baby Monitor:
Cubo AI, Smart Baby Monitor
Sheets & Swaddles:
Kiin Baby, Organic Swaddles & Sheets
Adairs, Arden Drawers
Drawer Dividers:
Ikea, Skubb Set
Adairs, Rattan Mirror
Plant Stand:
Adairs, Marigold Natural Plant Stand
Plant & Plant Pot:
Bunnings, Rib Egg Fibreglass Pot & Zanzibar Plant.
Change Table:
Cosy Cribs, Sofia Change Table
Lounge Chair:
Home Bazar, Papasan Chair
Papasan Chair Cushion: Cobra Cane, Papasan Cushion
Side Table:
Zanui, Nochio Side Table
Big Little Things, Charlie Crane Levo Rocker
Succulent, Cactus & Palm Tree Cushions, Desert Mobile, Desert Garland, Camel Toy & Camel Rattle:
Boho Baby Heaven
Wall Decal: Siesta Walls, Desert Scapes Archway
Wall Shelves:
Koko Collective, Rattan Wall Shelf
Art Print:
Brad Turner, Dulgo-Dumburru Chalahn
Wooden Art Hanger: Urban Outfitters, Gigi Arch Print Hanger
Wall Tapestry: Urban Outfitters, Billie Wall Hanging
Play Gym: Paradise Living Co. Rainbow Play Gym
Baby Lounger: Bubba Cloud, Linen Baby Lounger
Floor Rug: Freedom, Laclies Rug
Personalised Lamp: Pip & Willow, Personalised LED Night Light
Lamp: Urban Outfitters, Reiko Table Lamp
Florals: Honeysett House, Dried Floral Arrangement

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! :)

Pinterest Board - Nursery Items

This is my pinterest board featuring all of the items in the nursery ~ click through to link to any item, and follow for future reference if you like!

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