Kiin Moses Basket & Wooden Stand Safety

WARNING - Failure to follow these warnings and instructions could result in serious injury or death.

INSPECT: When you receive the item, be sure to inspect all parts thoroughly, if there are any damaged parts, please contact us via email at DO NOT use this product if it is damaged, broken or there are any parts missing. Inspect and test the basket before placing your baby into it.

SAFE SLEEPING: Follow the SIDS safe sleeping guidelines, you can download the latest 'safe sleeping' brochure on There is currently no Australian Standard for bassinets or moses baskets, Please read the ACCC Product Safety guide via the government website; As there are no standards in Australia for moses baskets it is recommended that they be used for supervised naps only.

AGE: Suitable for babies from birth until they roll over, or pull themselves up the side of the bassinet (whichever happens first). This usually happens anywhere from 4-6 months of age.


  • Moses baskets must be placed on a fiat. firm, stable surface, or in a specifically designed Kiin baby wooden moses basket stand (Important: Follow all wooden stand instructions accordingly.) 
  • NEVER place the basket near stairs, tables or high surfaces where it could fall. Keep basket away from windows (& window coverings e.g curtains, blinds) running or standing water and any other potential hazards around the area of the basket which could cause injury to your baby.
  • DO NOT allow other children or pets to climb or lean in or around the basket. especially if it is on a stand.
  • DO NOT carry or transport basket whilst your baby is inside. This could result in injury.
  •  NEVER add a pillow, comforter or padding. Use the pad/mattress provided by the manufacturer or a moses basket mattress that fits snug within the base of the basket. If a sheet is used with the pad, use only one that is specifically designed to fit the dimension of the mattress provided - ALWAYS use a sheet that fits tightly & securely and wraps around the mattress corners.
  •  DO NOT attach or place any toys with strings in or around the basket. strings can cause strangulation or choking.


  • We recommend the use of a mattress protector & fitted sheet on the mattress.
  • If the basket should go out of shape, simply iron or steam the edges and reshape/manipulate with your hands.
  • WASH mattress, sheets & protectors regularly. Spot clean basket with warm soapy water. Basket should be regularly aired; the best practice would be to remove the mattress, and place them outside in direct sunlight for a few hours. 
  • Avoid moisture - Keep product dry and out of damp areas. As these baskets are made from a natural material, like anything of that nature, they can be prone to mould growth if stored incorrectly. To prevent this make sure to store the basket in a dry, well lit and well ventilated area; mould thrives in dark, damp places. Check the stored basket regularly for any telltale black spots, even if you don't use it often.
  • High Fire danger - keep product away from heat and flames or any sources of intense heat e.g stoves, heaters, fire places.