8 major benefits of organic swaddles

8 major benefits of organic swaddles

Swaddles (also known as swaddling blankets) are essential for new babies. They keep them warm, contained, and cosy. Some may not be aware of the benefits they bring, particularly the organic variety.

In this blog post, we explore why swaddling blankets should be a non-negotiable part of your baby items. See all the benefits below.

They Put Babies Right Back In The Womb

Wrapping babies in swaddles makes them feel like they’re back in the womb. And that’s a good thing! It helps newborns feel warm, secure and comfortable - just like they were when they were curled up safely inside the womb. Many biologists believe that the first three to six months of a baby’s life should be called the “fourth trimester.” The only reason they’re out of the womb so early is that their heads are so big. Any bigger, and they wouldn’t make it through the birth canal!

They Completely Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Regular cotton swaddle blankets sometimes contain pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals farmers use to increase yields and lower costs. That’s because cotton is a crop grown conventionally like any other. 

Organic swaddles, however, avoid this issue. It’s illegal to put the word “organic” on a product made with crops that have come into contact with anything artificial.

For sensitive babies, that’s a good thing. Pesticides can affect their neurological and behavioural development, according to science.

They Provide A Bit Of Stretch

Babies love kicking, rolling and wriggling around. Therefore, owning a swaddle with a bit of stretch is good!

Fortunately, that’s just what our swaddle range offers. Our organic cotton & bamboo stretch swaddles  in particular provide some much-needed flexibility so babies can get used to using their muscles without feeling like they’re in a straight jacket. 

They Help Babies Sleep On Their Backs

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Using a baby swaddle for the first few months is a great way to encourage them to sleep on their backs. Research suggests that back-sleeping is safer than sleeping on the front as it may reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Please take the time to read the Red Nose safe practices guide on ‘Swaddling & Wrapping babies’. Follow this guide carefully to reduce the Risks of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy (SUDI), including SIDS and Fatal Sleep Accident.

They Are Breathable

Many mothers worry about their babies overheating. It’s hard for babies to communicate, and if they get too hot, it’s dangerous.

Organic swaddles, though, are breathable. While they will keep your baby warm on a hot day, they still allow air to circulate easily. Uncomfortable moisture wicks away from your child and into the surrounding atmosphere, helping them to lose heat when necessary.

They Are Versatile

The uses of organic muslin swaddle cloths are virtually endless. Sure, they’re a great way to keep your baby comfortable, but they also double as burp cloths and bibs. If your baby is a messy eater or brings up bile occasionally, you can easily clean it up and throw the blanket in the wash. It’s that simple.

Do swaddle cloths have other uses? You bet they do! You can also use them as modesty covers when breastfeeding in public or to protect your child from the sun while in the stroller. They are even a great way to dry your child after bathing them!

They Get Softer Over Time

Lastly, muslin blankets get softer every time you wash them. 

Be gentle when washing organic swaddles, and hang them to dry naturally. Always set your cycle to low or medium heat to avoid fibre shrinkage if machine washing.

So, there you have it: eight benefits of using organic swaddle blankets! All of the Kiin Baby swaddle range are made from organic fabrics, and are ideal for all seasons and temperatures! Shop our swaddle range here.


(image via Erin Bacchi)

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