Adorable and Practical: Must-Have Baby Accessories for Your Little Bundle of Joy

Adorable and Practical: Must-Have Baby Accessories for Your Little Bundle of Joy

Welcoming a baby into the world completely changes your life. From this moment onwards, nothing is more important than giving your child the best possible start in life. Still, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it in style - not least because there are so many adorable baby accessories to choose from.

From baby bottles to a baby swaddle, you can find an extensive range of cute and convenient accessories with our baby stores online. While you’ve probably already thought about bath time and bedtime, it’s equally crucial to think about days out around town. Here are some of the best accessories that will ensure your baby stays comfy at all times.

Baby Carrier

When taking your bundle of joy out and about on a walk, a dedicated baby carrier is a life-changing accessory. Aside from looking adorable, the practical clothing accessories keep babies snug and safe as they wrap into mum while also giving them breathing space. We recommend the Mumma Etc baby wrap carrier. Aside from keeping your newborn comfy while keeping mum’s arms free, the product can additionally be used throughout your child’s first year as they progress to the front carry inward, front carry outward, and back carry positions. Better still, a range of beautiful colours (we love the russet design) will ensure that mum and baby look super stylish on their travels.

Baby Swaddle

The average newborn can sleep for up to 18 hours per day, and the fact that you’ve planned to visit a friend won’t change that. Baby swaddles, like this stretch bamboo swaddle, are ideal for everyday use at home or elsewhere. When trying to settle your little angel in unfamiliar surroundings, the comforting cuddle-like feeling will go a long way to helping. Crucially, the thermo-regulating properties ensure that your son or daughter remains comfortable too. The bamboo swaddles can also be paired with headwear, such as beanies, to complete a fashionable look. While your child will look adorable, the fact that they’ll sleep better is the real reward.

Baby Blankets


Baby blankets are vital baby accessories that have been used for many generations. They provide a softness and warmth that can support your baby when you’re relaxing on the sofa, settling them down for a nap, or playing together on the floor. This makes them the ideal accessory to pack when visiting friends and family, not least because they can become makeshift baby swaddles if you didn’t have enough space to pack one. The organic cotton knitted rainbow blanket, which is lovingly made by our experts here at Kiin Baby, combines a truly beautiful design with practical qualities that make it ideal for the pram, bassinet or cot environment.

Baby Bottles

Baby bottles are essential for all parents. During the first few weeks of life, babies are likely to feed every two hours. Even if your little angel breastfeeds, it’s likely that mum will need to express at times. A breast pump and bottle top set facilitates this while having baby bottles for storage will add a layer of convenience to the process. Whether a new mum is a little shy about breastfeeding in public or dad has taken the baby out for the day, baby bottles are your best friend. Otherwise, you could be left with one very hungry and frustrated baby. For the sake of your newborn as well as your sanity, baby bottles are among the most important baby accessories of all.

Baby Dummy Clip

Baby dummy clips like Kiin Baby’s very own cotton dummy clip, which is available in 10 different colours, are great for the cot and can stop your child from stirring and crying due to a lost dummy. However, their practicality is even more noticeable during a day out. When using a baby carrier or baby swaddle on the go, it would be very easy for you not to notice that the dummy has dropped. With a cotton dummy clip, this is not an issue as it will stay connected to your baby’s clothing. This can prevent a lot of tears while parents wishing to keep their child looking fashionable can colour-match it with the dummy and/or their clothes for stunning results.

Whether preparing for your baby’s arrival, buying items to make your daily life easier, or choosing a gift for a loved one doesn’t matter. Practical baby accessories are guaranteed to deliver the best results for parents and babies alike. To find out more about the products offered here at Kiin Baby, call our friendly sales team today.

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