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Élhée Silicone Baby Bottle

Élhée Silicone Baby Bottle

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Élhée Silicone Baby Bottle

The Élhée Pure Silicone Bottles are supplied with a one-size-fits-all pacifier (Size M. 0-24 months) ideal for infant milk or water.  Perfect bottle for infants. The softness of the silicone bottle and the anti-colic valve on the nipple prevent baby from ingesting air, facilitating digestion and preventing gas, bloating and colic.

  • TEATS: physiological and anti-colic extra-soft, with a standard wide neck (interchangeable).
  • EFFECTIVE ANTI-COLIC SYSTEM: The softness & flexibility of the bottle combined with a ventilation system integrated into the teat ( the anti-colic valve) allows better air circulation and prevents baby from ingesting air acilitating digestion and preventing gas, bloating and colic. It is 2x more effective than a stiff bottle in preventing infant colic.
  • ERGONOMIC + SENSORY DESIGN: In a poetic nod to the gentle curves of motherhood, thanks to its pure design and its subtle, soft and delicate texture similar to that of a mother's breast, the Élhée bottle allows those who wish to do so to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
  • EASY MAINTENENCE: compatible with the use of the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, steriliser and bottle warmers.

Designed in pure silicone, of next-generation medical grade, Élhée bottles do not contain BPA, BPS or other substances that could harm the health of babies. Its unique and patented closure system excludes any risk of milk and its nutrients coming into contact with materials other than those of the silicone bottle and pacifier (Zero contact with plastic)


  • Bottles are supplied with a size M teat (0-24 months) ideal for infant milk or water.
  • Other sized teats are available for sale separately.
  • The 150ml bottle is suitable from birth and works perfectly with breastfeeding when fitted with a Slow Flow (S) teat.



3 sizes available: 150ml, 240ml, 330ml

  • 150ml suits 0-6 months
  • 240ml suits 6-12 months
  • 330ml suits 12 months+


100% safe food-grade silicone


Made in France.

Eco Friendly Info


  • Can be completely disassembled for fast, thorough cleaning, even in the smallest nooks and crannies

Reheating: Elhée silicone baby bottles are compatible with all bottle warmers. The 150 ml and 240 ml bottles can be heated with the following bottle warmers:
- Baby Milk Second by Béaba
- Maternity by Bébé Confort
- Nomad by Izybaby

They can also be safely placed in a container in a water bath or in the microwave.

Maintenance: Completely removable for a perfect hygiene and a cleaning with the hand without brush. It is compatible with the use of the sterilizer, freezer, dishwasher and water bath. Beware of the risk of discoloration in the dishwasher. Contact with carrot juice, tomato juice or other colored oils may change the color.


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