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Silver Nips

Silver Nips

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Silver Nips - Sterling Silver Nipple Caps

Many people don’t realise that Silver (925) can be used to promote healing, especially for wounds (such as cracked, sore nipples). The silver properties provide mothers with antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits.


  • 2x 925 Sterling Silver Nipple Caps (Silvernips)


SilverNips: 925 Sterling Silver

Eco Friendly Info


Directions for use -
Remove from packaging.
If wanted express a few drops of milk into the caps. Place caps directly onto nipples.
Secure by placing bra or crop top over the silver cups. Remove prior to feeding.
For added relief place in freezer before hand.
No need to wash breast prior to feed



Always read the label.

Follow the directions of use.

If symptoms persist please talk to your health professionals.

Extra care should be taken when using with cracked nipples or a fungal infection.

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